Our son's 1st session with Coach Jerimie Archie was exactly what we were looking for! He was firm, but gave great positive feedback and demonstrated in detail exactly what Colm needed to change to enhance his ball handling and his layups. Coach pushed him beyond his limits and helped him to understand that you have to work for what you want, which is an invaluable life lesson. His drills were great and we immediately saw improvement in our son's game. Colm worked hard and was worn out after the session, but woke up ready to play ball the next morning. He loved the working with Coach and we are so happy to have found him! We will definitely be continuing to book weekly sessions with Coach Archie to teach our son the skills he needs both on and off the court!
Great experience! Coach Archie pushed me beyond exhaustion. Helped me with every aspect of my game! Looking forward to the next session!
Coach Jerimie is a great coach. He was very patient with my son and by the end of the session I could see a big improvement.
Coach Archie is a wonderful trainer. He goes straight to the point and always makes sure to show you the the way to professionalism. He's there to guide you to be a better overall basketball player. I can't wait until my next session.